Sunday, April 24, 2011


The last Thursday night was hard.
After busy afternoon, I had to change a topic of my essay homework that I had been working on, which was supposed to be submitted Saturday in the class.
The essay isn't supposed to be a big deal as my teacher said "Don't take your time longer than 2 hours"; it is 5 paragraph Argumentative essay with any topic you would like. Actually I had spent longer than 6 hours for the ruined essay :( I might be taking it too seriously about writing homework essay, though, since the teacher really doesn't care about contents students write. He just needs to know if we are following the right essay style and English composition. However, I think I like to write. Even this little essay for English practice is one of my works.

To finish my essay, I had to drag my housemates into my problem of writing essay. I appreciate them always carefully listening to me whatever I say. They strongly suggested me to change a topic to something easier to write about, when the essay was almost done.
The problem getting stuck was that misunderstanding of definition of one word that I was using in the essay. Thus, I lost the direction in which I wanted to go, because the contents of the essay became not making sense to me anymore.

After working for vocabularies a little to refresh my brain, I started to work on a new essay drinking... The title is, "After Ruining an Essay". Argumentative essay has to have Pros. and Cons. for the topic in it. I wrote about which is better that rewriting it with a new top or modifying the old one. Since I got something that I want to write about; it was done in 2 hours.... phew....

My teacher apparently a guy who has a sense of humor. He gave me "Very Fun!!" with a smiling face for my essay about "How to kiss" in the past. So, I expected him to accept this essay also :)

And, it was.
He said to me that I have a sense of humor, correcting my new essay laughing. And, he added "You are different."

When I hear this word about me from people, I feel a little confuse. This is not the first time to be said; I was 10 when I got the comment for my first time. Since then, many people said to me the same though, I still cannot figure out what is the difference between people and I. Additionally, I have never thought I have a sense of humor; I am always serious. Two of my friends said to me in the past, "Your existence itself is a joke!" Well? One of reasons I like to drink is because I can be free from serious ...

I have asked one colleague in my 20s' to write a report about what is the difference she felt about me. She agreed to write it in a week, but what she wrote about was how much she likes me instead. I feel like what my ex-boyfriend said to me is the clue to find the answer. "Your affect stopped developing around you were 10 years old. I would love to know how it happened." In a way, I recognize being like a kid; but, I don't think I act like a kid :( Hope someone can explain me about it in future :(

Anyway, I am having an exciting and fun weekend - still continuing.

Hope yours is good, too :)