Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York

I was in NYC the last weekend! WONDERFUL!!
My Japanese friend visited the USA from Japan, and she suggested me to meet at NYC since I hadn't been there, also she anyway wanted to make her first USA experience in NY. Everything was set up by her; all I did was just going there as directed. I appreciate her very much for giving me this opportunity! I have learned a lot through this trip, each trips mean a lot to me. It's been 4 or 5 years since I saw her last time in Japan; she has been my friend since high school. We, of course, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat, aaaaaaaaaaaand chat! :D This is most important (also food...).

NYC was like Japanese big city like Osaka or Tokyo, so there were not many exciting things to us since we know how a big city look like; also, I am done with young generation which was interested in owning so many stuff. Even I have been trying to not have many things, it's hard to reduce belongings. What I got from this trip as keepsakes are those :D (and my friend brought some Japanese snacks for me as souvenirs)

I am a collector of pressed penny. Usually, it cost 50 cents (+ 1 cent coin), but it was $1 this time. Maybe it is because in NY. I found this in the Empire State building. Other coin was at the Statue of Liberty.

I started to check the pictures I took in this trip. There are more than 700... I will probably upload part of them on my Flickr :) My friends requested me to share them :D

After came home, I received a nice gift from another friend.

Basil! (my favorite)
I love you all (>_<) (>_<) (>_<)!
Thank you!!