Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Still busy...

The last weekend was super busy, but very relaxing without worrying about anything. I simply enjoyed it.

We had a community yard sale in the morning of Saturday. I was serious about finishing quilting 4 soldiers quilts during the yard sale, and they were done. So I could take off to my friend's place for a birthday party; then, left for another friend's place; and..., drank and drank, laughed and laughed ;-p Well, it was wonderful.

Here is my friend's cat. I thought she was dying when I first saw her.

And huge ant's nest ;-p
I am not a fan of ants, but when I saw them working for the nest, I really feel admiring them. Also, they are a symbol of summer; I like to feel seasons from nature.

So, I finally got a time to start a custom order quilt in between of my classes.
The text book for the Web design course is 1" thick..... better to start reading prior. And, English homeworks before the next class.

This week is busy, too.