Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stretchy Sonny.

This morning when we were having a breakfast together, my landlord was disappointing about she missed to take a nice picture of Sonny laying on her bed stretching his body as long as he can be.

So, I told her I have those! and will post them on my blog :D

Since her cats are our idols, they get our attentions every minutes.

I often find him sleeping on the floor like this everyday.

A life with cats is so much fun. Always bring me so much joy and troubles which is considered as fun :)

I just finished taking Exam 2 of my class. The grade was better than Exam 1. Hopefully, I could be prepared to take Exam 3 this coming Monday, but not sure since I hold 3 small quilts to be quilted which are supposed to be done this weekend. Try anyway :)

Have a nice weekend to you all.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Matched pillow.

The quilt for my landlord mother was done :D
The earlier story is here.

I wanted to place this piece on the center. "BEST GRANDPA in the whole world"

My most favorite pieces are these.

"I don't need your attitude." This was the front of a boxer.

"I have my own." And this was on the back.

I guess it's common for husbands to be told what to do by wives all over the world ;-p I feel so sorry for husbands. Nobody likes to be told what to do. Ha-ha. Be patient, wives. Love him and make him love you :) He would peacefully, willingly do anything for you with love. Money destroy everything, Love creates anything.

So, I found some leftovers of the quilt. And, I made a little pillow with them.


Very cute, isn't it? I felt like I would like to keep it since I had the fabrics for months and very familiar with them now :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New scarf project.

A few days ago, one combination of this yarn, which I keep a long time, and 5 layers gauze fabric, which I purchased in Japan a long time ago, came up on my mind when I was sleeping.

Each layer of this cotton gauze fabric looks like bandages. The quality of it is much better and more dense than bandages.
I made a baby blanket with this gauze fabric a long time ago. It makes ridges after washing. Looks like this.

Since the gauze fabric holds a lot of air in between of each layers, and it is very soft, I thought I would make a scarf with it.
It is now growing like this. It is all hand sewn.

I used small beads to hold the yarns on the gauze fabric, and coarse straight stitches to hold the front side fabric and the back side fabric, which are both the gauze fabric - it makes totally 10 layers.

After finishing stitches, I will soak it in water and dry to make ridges, and see what will happen. Hopefully it gives me interesting result.

Thinking to give this to my friend for a birthday gift who has never forget my birthday for 27 years. Her birthday is July. I feel so bad about I cannot remember the date after asking her twice. I am not brave enough to ask her the third time... So usually send her a gift around the end of July saying "Happy belated birthday".

Well... SO SORRY (>_<).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The home party I was invited the other day was literally GORGEOUS :)
Two professional musicians were there. We all enjoyed their music. I appreciate their service for us. Moreover, I could have some conversations about the difference between reality and dreams relevant to artistic activities.

So! What I was surprised a lot is, dolls! collected by the home owner's wife.


She showed me some quilts she had ever done, also. It was hand quilted!
She told me she will never make a quilt because it was too much work for her, though, I appreciate her to finish anyway one project that she had started. Many people would just stop in the middle and throw it away after years. Moreover, the quilt she had made was beautiful :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Exam1 !

I am taking an online class - Web Design 1.

The class requires students to submit assignments, at your pace, and 4 exams by the end of the class. Since I have some difficulties to understand the contents of the class because of English, - I have been submitting assignments in not a big delay from guideline schedule though -, I had been putting the exams behind. However. I finally took the exam 1 at the testing center at NOVA. The result was... 80/100. Not bad, but could be better.

This is interesting experience for me to take a regular classe in English. I actually have some basic old knowledge of web design, which I learned by myself in Japan. So, I thought it would not be a big problem, though (>_<).

When I read descriptions in Japanese, I understand it fully without thinking. I might be able to say the same when I do in English, but the deepness of understanding is different. I think my brain just take meanings only surface when I read it in English. It is very interesting to find myself that when I see the word, for example, "protocol" in English, my brain gets confused. But when I read it in Japanese "プロトコル", no problem! This way, whole text book has been giving me a little mess of confusions; as a result, all confusions go nowhere. It takes time to have whole linked world , and to make sense.

Even the text book is talking about what I already know, I feel like it is talking about other things. It takes a while to figure out it is talking about what I know. So, even once I thought I had understood, I get lost when it is described in another way.

I was so afraid of taking the exam. And as I expected, those confusions didn't give me high score. Anyway, it's done. And the contents of the first exam was really, really giving me a problem to memorize or to organize the knowledge in myself, I am glad to get it over with. Planning to take the next exam this weekend, finishing the class before the fall semester starts is the best for me, which is August 22 - the end day of original course schedule is September 19.

Always some discoveries when I experience something new. It's fun even if it is a problem because I am willingly doing this.

Latest Sonny :D
I love to see his expression "Did I do something wrong? I don't know what was wrong?" looking at me with wide opened eyes when I yell at him. He has been killing me with his angel attitude. I think he knows it. Naughty boy :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quilts for charity.

My friend is in charge of charity for Joplin disaster.

She has been collecting quilts and other things that could help Joplin people, and sending boxes with full of stuff to there.

Since she is a quilter, she makes quilts; and I helped her a little.

Quilt top made by Beth, quilted and binded by me.
I enjoyed new quilting line to me :)

Quilt top made by Judith Newman, quilted and binded by me.
Again, I enjoyed quilting.

Thank you, Beth for doing this!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The moon.

The moon the other day was so beautiful.
I tried to capture it in my camera, surprised to see the result.

My friend said "it's made out of cheese."
Yes, I agree :D

I found ants were SO busy with something!!

I am so curious what they were so busy with! Maybe a huge worm had passed away under the ground? Mysterious...

Couple Pillows.

I made a couple of pillows. The brown one is a male, and the pink one is a female.

The back looks like this.
Used shell buttons and wax coated cotton strings for closure.

My initial plan for the pillow was only pink one.

I have had the pink stripe fabric for years, then the beautiful elaborate lace cotton fabric was purchased a long time ago for one custom order of pillow case dresses which were special for her wedding. Actually the lace fabric is good quality of cotton though, it was a curtain or drapes. So, I had to buy it in lots of quantities. Accordingly, I had this lace fabric for years, too.

When I lined up those two fabrics, I thought I can make a very girly pillow.
Then, I went to a quilting meeting next day that was held at fabric store, and found the brown stripes cotton fabric there. I thought the brown fabric and the pink fabric can be a couple. They both are striped pattern, cotton, woven, match with the lace fabric. I think they make a good couple :)