Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Found this wonderful and successful flier at somewhere. Very attractive :( Please check carefully to see what is good about it.

I attended my last English class - final exam - for the summer semester last night. It went well. Hoped to get 100% score, but things didn't go well as I expected. I think I was too busy the last few weeks. Since my Weighted Total is higher than 90%, I don't think I will drop this class. Well, I did my best, and I am ready to take next level classes :D Hope my brain holds what I have learned until the next classes will start. It's so hard to memorize things, but to forget. It's like money :( To earn money is so hard, but to spend.

I liked my English teacher at NOVA. It is too bad that he doesn't teach my level in this fall. I think I will enjoy another teacher though. I will miss him :(

This week, I have to catch up other course. Since it is online class and can study at my pace, I am one or two weeks behind. Waaaaa~~~.