Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stretchy Sonny.

This morning when we were having a breakfast together, my landlord was disappointing about she missed to take a nice picture of Sonny laying on her bed stretching his body as long as he can be.

So, I told her I have those! and will post them on my blog :D

Since her cats are our idols, they get our attentions every minutes.

I often find him sleeping on the floor like this everyday.

A life with cats is so much fun. Always bring me so much joy and troubles which is considered as fun :)

I just finished taking Exam 2 of my class. The grade was better than Exam 1. Hopefully, I could be prepared to take Exam 3 this coming Monday, but not sure since I hold 3 small quilts to be quilted which are supposed to be done this weekend. Try anyway :)

Have a nice weekend to you all.