Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pastel Cities

Here are the new quilts, called "Pastel city". I've made 5 quilts - 3 cities and 2 apartments - last week ;-p They all are similar looking.

Redish borders - 44.5" x 51 -

Green borders - 41" x 47" -

And, "Pastel apartment"

I wasn't going to make those last week, but found my stash box for pastel color fabrics was quite full when I was cutting pastel colors fabric in order to make some kits of Japanese alphabet - Hiragana - quilt. Fortunately or unfortunately, I started to piece some of the leftovers from cutting, and ended up pieced all of them... Consequently.... they turned to be 5 quilts.

I thought I would later chop the scrappy big pieces made with stashes, my friend said "it reminds me of NY city, town houses or plats." So, I decided to just add frames to the scrappy piece. Since my friend mentioned "city", I named the quilts "Pastel city". I think it's pretty :) Also I am happy about one stash box became empty so that I can store more :D

By the way.
I have been passionate about cooking with paprica, ground turkey, tomatoes, and sour cream.

I used chicken last night instead of ground turkey since I didn't have it.

My friend kindly, generously shares harvests from her garden, I have been enjoying them! :D :D :D
When basil leaves and lime juice are added to this pan, it easily makes Thai taste cooking, and I love Thai and Indian foods :) I am so lucky to be able to enjoy her harvests~~~!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer classes.

Done, done, do~~~~~~~~~~~~~ne! :D :D
I took the final test of my Web design class today. The score was very good :D :D All I have to do now is just wait teacher's evaluation, and I don't think I will fail the class. The last week was kind of being in a vacation since I was sewing, sewing, sewing and a little study, but this week will be totally vacation! I do have some quilting jobs though, it is now very relaxing since I don't have to worry about studying.

However~~~~~, new semester will start soon - Next Monday! I will be really busy since I enrolled 3 English classes - 13 credits. Hope I won't be stressed out because of those.

The text books for the new classes are already here. My housemate initially always tries to find text books at the libraries, and this time he borrowed 2 kind of the books for me after I purchased a paperback online - he didn't know what books are used in my classes.

I didn't know John Grisham is a very well-known popular novelist. He found 30 copies at the libraries, and got a "medium-letters print" book and "large-letters print" book. I am going to use the large print book, and decided to sell the paperback to the NOVA bookstore ;-p - should make a little money. I love large print because it's less confused with which line I was following. Well, this book is very thick for me, so... I have to start reading in advance.

I will anyway enjoy this week! Hope you have a lot of fun, too! :D :D :D

Also, new quilts I had made in the last week will be listed in my shop soon! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hangeul Korean Pillows

They are done, and already shipped to the Korean adoption organization. Those pillows are for the auction that will be held in this October.

Each meaning of the Korean words are "Love", "Freedom", and "Gratitude".

I made 2 sets of the pillows. One is for the donation, and one is for sale. I listed them on my esty shop a few days ago, though... it apparently not catching people's eyes. I think the style of them are not bad, and its quality is good. Well, come to think of it, if I were a Korean, I wouldn't want this kind of pillows. It might be kind of embarrassing for Korean to have pillows written "Love", "Freedom", and "Gratitude" in Korean. Hope someone has a need to get those pillows someday! :)

Speaking of Korean words, The Chinese Phonic symbol quilt was sold today. I was a little worried after I heard the symbols are not used today, so I am glad the customer found it with her special feeling for the quilt. Thank you!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flower Vase cover

This week was kind of meditation week. Meditating, but sewing a lot as well - made 5 quilt tops, finished Korean pillows, cut fabrics for Hiragana (Japanese alphabet) quilt kits. My friend had been kindly listening to my expressions and I could improve my meditation more thanks to her. I appreciate her time for responding me.

One project I was working on was done, so I am ready to list it on my shop. I thought I might want to keep it for myself since I enjoyed process of creation very much.

Most of parts are made with wool felts made by me. I had so many knitting projects left in the middle, and they were taking room in my drawer. I decided to felt them since I wouldn't continue the projects.

I didn't know what this would be when I first started to make it. The base part (light gray) was originally my sweater. I was knitting a high neck sweater for me, and it was left for years without completing sleeves; the hole is for a neck. Luckily, I found the glass flower vase which was going to be recycled, and it fit perfectly on the neck hole :D So I thought I would make a flower vase cover filled with ornaments imaged flower fields. It would look very pretty when some real flowers are set in the glass vase :)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

This week

   Things went almost as planned at the beginning of this week, except for the Korean alphabet pillows for a donation.

   Here is the charity quilt. One of my friends brought some leftovers of blocks to the quilting meeting for give away, so I picked them up without a specific plan. And, it turned out to be a crib quilt. I pieced the blocks; added inner borders and outer borders, and quilted it.


  The crib quilts for my friend who is going to have twins, were done also. The baby shower is the end of August. I would like to keep how they look like in secret yet, until the baby shower will be over. My friend has already known I would make quilts for her – actually one of the quilts is upon my other friend's order; we share the gift; so I can say here that the quilts are done. I like the result – as I used one of my favorite fabrics :D I used the same fabrics and similar backings but different patterns for the quilts since they are for twins.

  As for the Korean alphabet pillows -
I had 3 color schemes on my mind. One is this using batiks.

Others is this using solid.

And then, I thought pastel might be good because this donation is for a Korean adaption organization – for children.

Then, reconsidered how about natural image...?
And, started to work on it with natural - Green & Brown, though (>_<)!!

   I feel like I am not doing well with these... These are not what I had on my mind. Well..., I am going to see how it will turn out. I will post pictures when they are done...

   By the way.
   I asked my mother what she wants for her birthday. She said she asked my brother (her son) for one DVD set of Korean drama just in case of he might be hoping to get something for her, and he said “yes” laughing. So, she wanted me to get the scales since her very old one is rusted. I just ordered it online; she will get it shortly at her place. It's SO convenient to have the Internet! I can order and pay for it online (Japanese web site) using my credit card from the USA; she will just receive it at home in Japan :)

   This weekend was spent for studying of my class. I am going to finish the class earlier than the original end date, and will try to have a summer vacation!! Hopefully.....

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Birthday Party

I joined a little birthday party last night. It was a surprise party. The planner sent out the notice in the last minute, so we even didn't know we were going to get together until 24 hours before the party. I think she was also having a hard time with determination of the party since we had talked on FaceBook that the birthday lady doesn't celebrate her birthday anymore! Well, the birthday lady looked happy last night, so I think it was very good :D

All of participants couldn't be in the picture, though, Which feet belong to who? :)

And, What I brought for a gift is this.

A ornament crane made with fabric. (I took this picture before adding strings)
She somehow likes Japan, I think. So it made me to make this little (?) crane. I am glad that she said she is actually collecting ornaments :)

And, since they suggested me to make this as a sales item, I will do that :D It is flexible because it is made with fabric. The wings move when it is moved up and down.

It was a wonderful night! Thank you! :)

Additionally, I finally uploaded pictures I took in NYC on my Flickr.
NY / June 2011
I took more than 700 pics from this trip. It was reduced to approx. 450 - still a lot.
I looooooooooooved visiting museums - MOMA (the Modern art museum) and the Metropolitan museum. Life itself is a huge art - life makes history, history makes culture. whatever humans tried to shape or form or create something to describe something is an art. It's enormously interesting to see how other humans created something to describe something they wanted - there is a life in it. Seeing an art is seeing a life. Arts are everywhere, and museums have masterpieces of arts. I also love to learn a little piece of history through arts - my problem is I cannot remember what I learned, though :( Anyway, museums are worlds of dream. And, NYC was full of art!