Monday, August 01, 2011

August! - Orange quilt -

It's August, already. Time passes so fast everyday - I think I am saying this for years.

My mother's birthday is soon. I hope she won't say "I think I want a DVD set of my favorite Korean drama", and start to give me a long lecture of the drama... She now has bunch of DVDs; she said she will take them to the heaven when she will die, so my brother and I agreed to put them in her coffin, though. Come to think of it, she will be cremated and we cannot put anything extra expect her body in the box. Moreover, graves in Japan are so narrow and small, only a pot that contains her ashes and a little bones can fit in it. There is no room for the DVDs... Well, sorry mom, we will sell your treasures after you die. We don't have to think about it yet; she will make 95 :) - I feel like I am saying this every year as well as about the time.

Anyway, it's August.
A month ago, I was asked if one of my quilt that I had made for my friend can be a part of the banner of one blog. She said the banner is being up whole August. Here is the blog :D
Stash Manicure - Wantobe Quilter Campaign

The blog seems like very popular that has many sponsors. I can tell this because I have been receiving messages and comments through Flickr where the pictures of the quilt are since the picture of the orange quilt is up on the blog. It means many people visit there.

This quilt was made for my friend when she gave me her precious sewing machine. After my cheap one stopped working right, I didn't have money to buy good one. Then, she gave me the old but excellent metal body machine . It performed very well since she was taking good care of it. I had never had such a heavy good sewing machine, so it really impressed me. Compared to a cheap plastic body machine that I had used for years, the stitches are different; the sound when it is sewing is different; the presence is totally different; the needle movement really excited me. I still enjoy using it after I got my Juki machine later. I enjoyed making the quilt very much, especially sewing curves. I think I would like to try the same quilt pattern again someday :)

I am very happy that other people also liked the quilt! :)
Thank you! :)