Friday, August 12, 2011

Flower Vase cover

This week was kind of meditation week. Meditating, but sewing a lot as well - made 5 quilt tops, finished Korean pillows, cut fabrics for Hiragana (Japanese alphabet) quilt kits. My friend had been kindly listening to my expressions and I could improve my meditation more thanks to her. I appreciate her time for responding me.

One project I was working on was done, so I am ready to list it on my shop. I thought I might want to keep it for myself since I enjoyed process of creation very much.

Most of parts are made with wool felts made by me. I had so many knitting projects left in the middle, and they were taking room in my drawer. I decided to felt them since I wouldn't continue the projects.

I didn't know what this would be when I first started to make it. The base part (light gray) was originally my sweater. I was knitting a high neck sweater for me, and it was left for years without completing sleeves; the hole is for a neck. Luckily, I found the glass flower vase which was going to be recycled, and it fit perfectly on the neck hole :D So I thought I would make a flower vase cover filled with ornaments imaged flower fields. It would look very pretty when some real flowers are set in the glass vase :)