Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer classes.

Done, done, do~~~~~~~~~~~~~ne! :D :D
I took the final test of my Web design class today. The score was very good :D :D All I have to do now is just wait teacher's evaluation, and I don't think I will fail the class. The last week was kind of being in a vacation since I was sewing, sewing, sewing and a little study, but this week will be totally vacation! I do have some quilting jobs though, it is now very relaxing since I don't have to worry about studying.

However~~~~~, new semester will start soon - Next Monday! I will be really busy since I enrolled 3 English classes - 13 credits. Hope I won't be stressed out because of those.

The text books for the new classes are already here. My housemate initially always tries to find text books at the libraries, and this time he borrowed 2 kind of the books for me after I purchased a paperback online - he didn't know what books are used in my classes.

I didn't know John Grisham is a very well-known popular novelist. He found 30 copies at the libraries, and got a "medium-letters print" book and "large-letters print" book. I am going to use the large print book, and decided to sell the paperback to the NOVA bookstore ;-p - should make a little money. I love large print because it's less confused with which line I was following. Well, this book is very thick for me, so... I have to start reading in advance.

I will anyway enjoy this week! Hope you have a lot of fun, too! :D :D :D

Also, new quilts I had made in the last week will be listed in my shop soon! :)