Thursday, September 29, 2011

Better this week.

The homework on my composition class was increasing the amount, and surprised to see how thick the pile of paperwork is. Fun.

Fortunately, 30 errors, I got from the first essay, was decreased to 12 errors on my second essay. It means less work! :D :D :D My teacher keeps saying that "You guys still have 12 essays to work on! Keep doing the homework I give you will lead you to pass the class! Don't worry!" I want to believe her :(

She suggested me to write a shorter essay, which means less mistakes. But it's kind of hard to make it shorter when I have something to write. It is difficult for me to control the length of a essay. When I don't have much ideas of the topic I was given, it can be really short, but it would not be acceptable for teachers as a 5 paragraph essay. In an opposite manner, when I have a lot of ideas of the topic, I naturally cannot stop writing :( Organizing the articles I write and writing essays in grammatically correct English are obviously different skills :( The essay turned in this week became longer (5 pages with double line spacing) (>_<), which I may get more errors.

By the way, I saw something shocked me in the class.

One Korean girl brought her Korean friend to the class. He was reading a book.

"The last juror" written in Korean......, which students who takes the Reading class, which is the same of my class, are supposed to read it written in ENGLISH.

I was so shocked why I didn't even think of that! I think I can get it written in Japanese since the author is very popular. But at the same time, there is no meaning for her/him to take the Reading class when they don't read an English book.
I don't want to waste my money for tuition (it's paid from financial aid though). We pay expensive tuition for being educated, not for nothing.

I envy their idea, though. I wish I could be brave like him :(
I will keep working this week, too!