Friday, September 16, 2011

Long way to go.

I received corrections of my first essay (for the composition class) from my teacher.
It made me sick.

Total three pieces of paper. The second paper is worse.

And, BIG "F".

30 errors have to be reduced to less than 10 errors to pass this class.

My composition teacher is very practical. I think her way is very good to make students work hard, also she is working hard for students. As one of the assignments, I have to rewrite this essay, and write the parts I made mistakes 5 times to memorize correct grammar. I do remember how I practiced "Kanji (Japanese characters adopted from China)" in my childhood. Just wrote them repeatedly so many times on a note book until memorizing them. And, if I don't want to practice hard, just don't make mistakes, which is making sense very much.

Big problems with the teacher are, .... it might be rude to say, but it's hard for me to read her handwriting, take a long time to analyze what she meant. And, she has an accent. Sometimes it's hard to keep up the class. Thanks to other students who speak up, she occasionally repeats what she said, and I can be with her.

Quilting topic next.

Here is my new quilt.

The title is "Sunny Days". I described Sun on the orange-yellow color, trees are in between of Sun(s), the sky is above, and the field is below. Not sure what I wanted to do with the white parts. I just thought it would be nice to have whites. Maybe it could be "hopes" :)