Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quilted Tote bag - Pastel Hand Dyed Canvas

So, I made the tote! (Continued from the previous post)
Sewed and sewed like hell...

I made three totes in the same design.
The second one is this.

The third one is this.

When I started making them, there was something unique on my mind, though.
They ended up being ordinary bags which could be easily found at a souvenir shop of contemporary art museum... Ummm.....

Anyway, I made them. So, I will be away from the hand dyed fabrics for a while, and think something else to make.

Last night when I was doing my assignments of my English class, I started to feel like Coffee Cup shaped coasters with Japanese fabrics. I looked for Japanese Ume - plum flower - fabrics from my collection.
Here is the result.

I made those with Japanese Kasuri fabrics also. They will be listed at my shop soon :)