Monday, September 19, 2011

Who told me the Washington D.C. is...

I think it was my English teacher in the Junior high school who told us that Washington D.C. is a part of the Washington state and D.C. means "a part of". According to her, the partial Washington state was moved to next to the Virginia state down to south so that the car's number plates have the name of Washington.

Well. I believed that story until today. Since I have been learning a little of American history in my English classes, I lately often talk with my house mates about American history, most are questions. They are very knowledgeable as being able to answer to my questions with extra related events and backgrounds. This is very interesting for me to learn how today's American society was born, how Americans became today's Americans. At the same time, I enjoy Japanese historical drama on-line VERY much so that I can link Japanese history and world histories. Thanks to our ancestors, today's societies were generated. Our world still has a lot of problems; but, much better than 200 years ago compared to unstable societies. As long as human nature is not changed, it will be never changed, histories will be repeated. But, thanks to the development of civilization, the belief of freedom changed the world a lot. I am very happy about this.

Anyway, thanks to my house mate, I could know the fact about Washington D.C. Since the Washington state was admitted to the Union after the D.C. was permitted as the capital of US in the constitution, it is impossible for D.C. to be curved from the Washington state :(

I wish I could see the English teacher in my junior high school, and ask her about this ;-p

Speaking of the English class of my junior, it was like military style.
The class was like :
She comes in the classroom, and tells us "Stand up!"
We stand up.
She asks us "How are you?!"
We answer "Fine, And you?!"
She says "Fine." and "Sit down!"
We sit down, and the class begins.

Funny. Ha ha ;-p