Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another "getting there".

I saw Ling-Ling after a long time. She looked fine except for her bottom body. She is a disabled rabbit who is taken care of my ex-husband. She was hit by a car after being abandoned and lost control of her back legs forever. She cannot hop. Many people suggested to put her down, but she didn't allow it. She is a big fighter, fights with everybody, wants to live. She has a very strong personality. I think it was 5-6 years ago, my ex was asked to take care of her for a while by the rabbit organization, and didn't return her to the organization after the "while".

My ex made a wheel chair for her, and still has been modifying it depending on her condition. She is happy with the wheel chair because she can chase after other rabbits :-p The wheel chair helps her a lot to move around and protects her from the mess of elimination.

As all the vet who took a look at her predicted, her legs are now almost fixed like tree branches since the joints are not functional anymore. The blood check which was done a month ago was very good and her organs are still functioning very well, though, we don't know how long she is last. Since my ex is very attached to Ling-Ling, I started to think about how he will be after the loss of her.

I receive a "I need your help" email from him when the wheel chair suit is needed to be modified or when she needs a new suit, which is attached with his wheel chair frame. He takes care of the hard ware, and I take care of her suit.

Her new suit looks much better than the old one! :D This time, I made a pattern and made some photo copies of it so that I can make the same thing again without having the pre-made suit with me. So, he can wash it more often. We still need to work on minor changes on both the frame and the new suit, but it is getting there :D

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cooking Rice.

I lately started to be attracted by cooking rice with a pot.

I hadn't cooked rice with a pot or a pan, always used a rice cooker. Japanese rice cookers are so functional as having a timer, multiple choices of what kind of rice is cooked, keeping it warm after cooked, and so forth. All I have to do is just pushing the switch with proper amount of water with rice in it and wait. No mistake of the result if the amount of water is right.

My friend showed me how she cooks rice the other day. She hasn't used a rice cooker. It was a little surprise for me to hear that she doesn't have a rice cooker, because having a rice cooker is common for Japanese and many Americans. Japanese eat rice as bread or potatoes here. I have never met a Japanese who doesn't have a rice cooker.

Cooking rice with a pot takes attentions and like a light baby sitting compared to cooking with a rice cooker. But, I can have more control and arrange the taste with checking the rice status while cooking. So, I think I like cooking with a pot better :D

I wasn't familiar with cooking rice with many ingredients except for water or chicken stock with a little veggies. Thanks to different cultures here, I learned there is not a proper way to cook rice. I can put anything I want in the pot. Very nice :D

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Make up Dresser.

I received an email from my mother asking me if she can give her daughter-in-law, my sister-in-law, my make up dresser that I have at her house. My make up dresser looks like this.

I bought it when I married to my first husband. Having this kind of dresser at home shows one of the married women's status in Japan. My mother also bought hers when she married with my father. I didn't have mine until my first marriage. I used to use hers by then. After I divorced my first husband, I brought it back to my mother's house, so she now has two dressers in the family room.

I had never thought whether my sister-in-law didn't have it. My brother and she bought (custom home) a house this year. They used to live in two bedroom apartment with 3 little sons. It was kind of surprise for me to know she wants to have it, which means she now has room for the big dresser in the home.

I am usually not interested in material things. I am not attracted by going malls for shopping since most of sales items are junks to me. When my mother wanted to clean her house 4 - 5 years ago when I visited her house, she asked me to throw away everything of my belongings since I didn't live there anymore. She wanted to use full space of the house for herself. I wanted to send some keepsake things to my home in the USA, but it was too expensive. I gave away some stuff to my friends, but most of them were abandoned and a little were sent here. I thought I cannot even afford to have memorials goods. So, I don't have anything in her house anymore. Especially after this event, I minimize my shopping, except for fabrics. When I have a lot of things, it makes difficult to move around. I don't want to have any special feelings for material things. If I leave this country and go back to Japan, all I take are my lap top computer and some clothes. I believe my quilting friends can take care of other things I own after that :-p

The dresser wasn't abandoned since it was big and valuable. I really didn't care what my mother may do with it later. It was kind of shock to me to realize that I don't have any special feeling for it as furniture, however as a spiritual thing. I emailed back to my mother saying "Do whatever you want. It would be nice for you to have more room in the family room after it was moved to her (my sister-in-law)." This is not sarcastic. I love my sister-in-law. I am happy when she is happy. Giving the dresser to her makes her and my mother happy, and probably my brother, too. The dresser turns to be from useless to useful. There is no disadvantages for all of us. There is no reason for me to say "That's mine" or "Just leave it there" or something to keep it in order to satisfy my feeling.

I just feel a little sad. I should have learned this kind of feeling is useless to move ahead. Well. I obviously need self-disciplines more and more... and more... and more.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New items.

I have been working on making new items for my shop little by little though, I don't have time to list them up. Well... yes, I am just being lazy :( I prefer making things than taking pictures of them and thinking the descriptions.

The other day, I was working on these coasters at the quilting meeting.

One of the members of the quilting group liked them :)
So, it will be gone without appearing in my shop...

I am really thinking to list something up though.

The small cat pillows will be appeared soon since I got more than 10 orders from my friends. I took some pictures of it for my shop, but they were not good :(

Hope you all have a great weekend! - too early? -
Mine is supposed to be quiet since the last 2 weekends were pretty busy!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Smile :D

Some of my friends liked the small cat pillow that I had made for gifts. I am very happy to receive some orders from them! :D

Here are more smiling kitties! :D :D

The other day, I found a little smiling on the floor at NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) library, which made me really smile!

I wanted to pick it up, but I thought someone after me may find it and smile. So, I left it there. I picked up someone's heart which hoped to see her/his friend's smile, instead. I really loved it!

This week was also pretty busy. One thing that really relieved me was one email from my customer. We had a little misunderstanding each other for the custom order (table mats and napkins). As a result, I was waiting for her reply before producing the items and she was waiting for receiving the item. About a month later, I received an email from her saying "Did you send the item already?".

After some emails exchanging and after the business was done, I received an email from her which said "Beautiful and well worth the wait! I'm so excited to put them on my table."


So, I am ready for busyness of next week! :D

Have a nice weekend to you all!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Getting there.

I got the first "P" (pass) essay this week. My teacher said "You are getting there. Don't worry." One of my American friends also said, "Whatever your composition teacher is doing to you is working for you. I see less mistakes on your English sentences and they are making more sense." I feel a little comfortable now :) I will miss my composition teacher if I could pass her class - two months later.

I think I am kind of mentally exhausted lately since I have been trying new things. It is hard until getting used to them. I am really struggling. The classes are one thing, other thing is "swing".

It's kind of a long story how I started, so I don't give the details here. Well. I didn't know what kind of dance "swing" was until I had started it. I am uncomfortable to dance with unknown men. Students have to make one big circle to practice the dance, have to keep changing partners. The dance teacher keep telling us to look at the partner's eyes, not the floor. I CANNOT. Someday, I hope to have a day feeling comfortable to dance with a man. Then, I wouldn't be so stressed by swing. It's always interesting to find different view points through new experiences, though.

I made a little cat pillows this morning. One of them is a birthday gift for the one who has a gray cat, other one is for the one who has just broken up with her boyfriend. She also loves cats. I made the cat face with a big smile so that they might feel a little smile in themselves. I myself like to see a smiling face on something, I have a little Buddha made from stone which has a smile on it, when I feel depressed.

Have a wonderful weekend and the holiday to you all :)