Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cooking Rice.

I lately started to be attracted by cooking rice with a pot.

I hadn't cooked rice with a pot or a pan, always used a rice cooker. Japanese rice cookers are so functional as having a timer, multiple choices of what kind of rice is cooked, keeping it warm after cooked, and so forth. All I have to do is just pushing the switch with proper amount of water with rice in it and wait. No mistake of the result if the amount of water is right.

My friend showed me how she cooks rice the other day. She hasn't used a rice cooker. It was a little surprise for me to hear that she doesn't have a rice cooker, because having a rice cooker is common for Japanese and many Americans. Japanese eat rice as bread or potatoes here. I have never met a Japanese who doesn't have a rice cooker.

Cooking rice with a pot takes attentions and like a light baby sitting compared to cooking with a rice cooker. But, I can have more control and arrange the taste with checking the rice status while cooking. So, I think I like cooking with a pot better :D

I wasn't familiar with cooking rice with many ingredients except for water or chicken stock with a little veggies. Thanks to different cultures here, I learned there is not a proper way to cook rice. I can put anything I want in the pot. Very nice :D