Friday, October 07, 2011

Getting there.

I got the first "P" (pass) essay this week. My teacher said "You are getting there. Don't worry." One of my American friends also said, "Whatever your composition teacher is doing to you is working for you. I see less mistakes on your English sentences and they are making more sense." I feel a little comfortable now :) I will miss my composition teacher if I could pass her class - two months later.

I think I am kind of mentally exhausted lately since I have been trying new things. It is hard until getting used to them. I am really struggling. The classes are one thing, other thing is "swing".

It's kind of a long story how I started, so I don't give the details here. Well. I didn't know what kind of dance "swing" was until I had started it. I am uncomfortable to dance with unknown men. Students have to make one big circle to practice the dance, have to keep changing partners. The dance teacher keep telling us to look at the partner's eyes, not the floor. I CANNOT. Someday, I hope to have a day feeling comfortable to dance with a man. Then, I wouldn't be so stressed by swing. It's always interesting to find different view points through new experiences, though.

I made a little cat pillows this morning. One of them is a birthday gift for the one who has a gray cat, other one is for the one who has just broken up with her boyfriend. She also loves cats. I made the cat face with a big smile so that they might feel a little smile in themselves. I myself like to see a smiling face on something, I have a little Buddha made from stone which has a smile on it, when I feel depressed.

Have a wonderful weekend and the holiday to you all :)