Friday, October 14, 2011

Smile :D

Some of my friends liked the small cat pillow that I had made for gifts. I am very happy to receive some orders from them! :D

Here are more smiling kitties! :D :D

The other day, I found a little smiling on the floor at NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) library, which made me really smile!

I wanted to pick it up, but I thought someone after me may find it and smile. So, I left it there. I picked up someone's heart which hoped to see her/his friend's smile, instead. I really loved it!

This week was also pretty busy. One thing that really relieved me was one email from my customer. We had a little misunderstanding each other for the custom order (table mats and napkins). As a result, I was waiting for her reply before producing the items and she was waiting for receiving the item. About a month later, I received an email from her saying "Did you send the item already?".

After some emails exchanging and after the business was done, I received an email from her which said "Beautiful and well worth the wait! I'm so excited to put them on my table."


So, I am ready for busyness of next week! :D

Have a nice weekend to you all!