Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Treat.

I don't celebrate Christmas because I am not a Christian. But, I love this Christmas atmosphere. Everywhere turns to be beautiful in this time of year :D

Little useful Christmas trees for cooking :D They are rosemary trees. I love to use herbs in my cooking. They add nice flavor to dishes. Also, it ends up adding lesser salt to them.

And a little treat to my housemates (cats)!

Catnip snack :D :D :D I got some other flavors, too.
Actually, I could say this is for myself. Sonny used to come to my room everyday at 4pm, which is the time for him to get hungry. But, they have to wait for being fed until my landlord comes home. Since a little snack had run out, Sonny stopped to visit me once he figured out that he cannot get the snack from me. What a smart cat :( It is kind of sad about figuring out that he actually doesn't love me, he just loves food. I enjoy the company with him very much, so I had to have the snack to get him back around me. Well. I wanted to believe he loves me. But, this is reality.

Another treat for myself :D I ordered bunch of brown fabric. I love brown. It is very convenient color to use anywhere :D I am supposed to receive other packages from other fabric companies :D Yees, I bought some more fabric and threads :D :D :D What a wonderful time of year :D