Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

New Year's Day and New Year's Day Eve are very important for Japanese. I think it's like Christmas day for Americans. However, although I have been feeling the atmosphere of new year celebrations in Japan through my Japanese friends, I was feeling like those days were as normal days here because of American culture and time difference (Japan is 14 hours ahead).

I anyway cooked Toshikosi-Soba (images here from Google), which is a traditional meal for Japanese to have at midnight of new year eve wishing a long life. Soba is a noodle made with buckwheat which has long length. The ingredients that are put on Soba is in variety depends on which prefectures of Japan you are from. I am from Kyoto, which herrings are supposed to be put on Toshikosi-Soba. Since I couldn't find herrings at the local Asian grocery store, I used Tuna. I think I anyway could achieve the purpose of having Toshikosi-Soba.

The New Year's day!, which is supposed to be very special for Japanese, I went to DC to visit the American history museum. I enrolled the American history class for the next semester, I thought it would be good to have a little knowledge of American history.

What I really surprised at at the museum is that the expensive price of food in the museum!!

The sandwich I had at the cafe in the museum... priced $9.25 (+ tax). Other food like a piece of chicken, a piece of pizza were the same price. I strongly decided to bring my own food for the next visit. I wanted to come home before dusk, so I didn't have much time to look around in the museum.

Well, tomorrow would be the last day of the New year's holiday for many people. I have been having wonderful holidays. Hope you all enjoy this holiday until the last minute!!