Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Book Review

This week since the last Thursday was the most stressful, tense, and busy in this year because of the assignment of writing a book review for my history class plus usual assignments :(

Since my history professor is a half Japanese, her cousin's name is the same as mine, she somehow seemed to feel close feeling for me. She added a book "The Internment of Japanese Americans During World War II" on the book list to choose a book to read from especially for me. She said all other books have 200 - 600 pages, but this book was around 120 pages. I think an audience for this book is a teenager. THANK YOU, professor!!

It was still HARD for me to finish the book. I took 8 pages notes reading the book, but had to squeeze my notes into 2 pages, double-spacing, 12 points font, 1" margins all sides, which there is not much space to write. She said the grammar and spelling are also graded, but suggested us to take the paper to the writing center at NOVA (free tutoring) for proofreading, and then we can get extra points on it. I don't know how many students in her class are around ESL level though, I appreciate her for adding the special treat for us. Also, I appreciate my housemate for helping me a lot. He has a huuuuuuuuuuuuge storage of knowledge in his brain and is very good at teaching in GREAT patience. Amazing.

SO, I am done with the book review. The tutor of the writing center who was familiar with the book I read told me that I covered the contents of the book very well. GOOD. I can sleep tonight :)

Writing a book review is still ongoing with the second one - have to read 2 books in the semester. I anyway picked up a few books for the second review, which has less pages, familiar to the topic, easy sentences and structures to read for me.

These are the final candidates.

I am interested in the thicker one "The Envoy", but the contents would include about military. The book is about similar story of Schindler's list. I've noticed that I really don't know anything about military even basic words for it since Japan don't have military. It is said in the constitution that we will never join war and never have military after World War II. Since I am not familiar with any kinds of military things, it makes me confuse when the contents include those. And also, this book has 50 pages more than the "Notes on Nightingale", which is a biography of her. So, I'm going to stick with Nightingale.

At one of close libraries, I found an interesting thing when I was looking for the books.

The library loans art prints! Each of them is in a frame. I think this is a good idea so that people can enjoy art prints free and change it when they are tired of one print.