Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playing with Photos

I have been really enjoying Photography class :D
And, also Adobe Lightroom :D

Since the weather, here in Northern Virginia, has been so nice lately, cherry blossoms are all over.

Here are some results of playing with Lightroom.
This is the original picture.

And using the presets, I enjoyed some variations.

So much fun, isn't it?

By the way, I have finished reading the book "The Envoy" for the book review. It was a looooong way. I now have a lot to write for my paper, but we were given only 2 pages, including personal opinion, which is too little :( The book was very good. I expected to know more about Hitler through the book, but he actually didn't appear in it, only his name. The story was about whole through the period of ending World War II in Budapest and Raoul Wallenberg and Eichmann. It's all about human being.

My housemate found the trial of Eichmann on Youtube, 200 hours..., we are really interested in it, but unfortunately it was all in German language which we don't understand. He looked for some movies about him, so I think we will end up watching them soon.