Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sewing, Sewing

This Friday and Saturday, I anyway wanted to sew and quilt without thinking anything. Since my box for storing fabrics for quilt donations was full, I thought I would clean the box a little, and made 3 quilts - binding is not done yet. Here are the results.

One large one would go to the woman's shelter through QU, and other 2 small one would go to my friend who collects baby quilts.

Fabrics for quilt donations are usually from quilter's give away and my stash. I usually use my own batting. The last time when I saw the lady who is in charge of quilt donation, she gave me some batting. I was lucky :)

By the way.
Valentine's day was over almost 3 weeks ago though, I found a funny card at CVS. Here.

This huge card comes with a huge envelope for it. It is now 75%OFF. How about this card for next year??? It would give a strong impression to your hubby! :D It is anyway really big!