Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Final Project of my Photography class

Today was SO beautiful!

This Spring semester is over this week. I am having an easy ending this time compared to the other students who have finals from multiple classes.

Although I have too enough pictures for my final project which has to be presented as a slideshow in my photography class, I went to the botanical garden in my area today to look for new candidates of my project. I have three options on my mind for the final and cannot determine yet which one to pick up. The most easiest one is "cat" though, I somehow don't want to take it... If I couldn't work with other options well on time, then I think I would take "cat".

Most will be picked from here since I can include only 8 - 10 photos in the slideshow.

I seldom shoot people, but am getting interested in it thanks to the one of my classmates who likes to shoot people. I think I am kind of getting tired of shooting something that don't have a lot of dramas such as flowers, compared to people. Woo! I will need a better camera which has controllable shutter speed! :-p
Anyway... if you were interested in, other photos taken at the botanical garden today are here :) I picked some from 350 pics.

As for my quilts.
The custom robot quilt left me a few days ago after it had been purchased by my customer.

A new bird quilt was listed in my shop yesterday. Thanks to three of my quilting friends who gave me bundles of the bird fabrics, it became enough to make one twin size quilt.

I am happy that it was picked on one treasury list already.
A Kitten Named Gatsby

I wanted to make the quilt simple, my quilt is always simple though, but after it was done, I am feeling that I could have a quilting pattern which gives nature impression on it such as leaves and vines.

A quilt made with Japanese tenugui is ready to be listed, but need some more photos of it.

I personally love this one and would love to use it on my bed... though..., I hope this one will find a good home.

See you! :D

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The ideal Saturday.

Blogger (this blog site) changed something, and I can see how many people visited my blog every time I login. It is appeared at the first sight after logging in. I expect the audience of my blog is mainly my foreign friends, and maybe sometimes my customers. The numbers of visitor was much more than I expected. I started to feel embarrassing... Should I write something useful for people such as how to make a quilt........ Ummm.

I'm sad about Sakura had gone this year and summer is almost here.

This weekend is kind of ideal to me; it's not because I don't have to study as hard as usual, though :-p It was very super that I don't have to take the final exam of history which was supposed to be done next week. Ya~~~y. This grade is thanks only to my house mate, R, because he is very good at history; he explains me everything so I don't have to read the history book as much as required. Also, books for children are a big help! English words from children books are easier than the text book, so it's easier to understand.

It's enough to learn about insane leaders or rulers, but unfortunately I have to take another history class this fall. Learning history is interesting, but makes me exhausted emotionally.

So, yesterday was started with R's creation "Sloppy Sandwich." The taste was pretty good :D As its name mentioned, we were sloppy while eating.

At HomeDepot, this rosemaries almost convinced me to live together. The fragrance was super perfect as rosemary; also, super green and healthy looking.

We actually went to buy some pots for his giant monster or giant spider looking plant which was neglected by the original owner and was wanted by nobody. He has taken care of it for two years, and it was time to split it into some pots since the original pot was too small for the plant as we expected to see only its roots in it when it's opened. We didn't find good pots for it, but got some plastic waste boxes instead. We needed something deep to make the "spider legs" stand up. It was growing horizontally, not vertically...

We enjoyed to punch making small holes on the bottom of the pots. We think it went well for now. Hope they grow well and be healthier. Also, my seeds for this year were planted since this year is much warmer than usual.

The robot quilt top had been done a while ago, and quilting was done last night.

Binding should be done soon, and other 2 quilts are supposed to be posted on my shop as soon as possible. One is very simple quilt made with Japanese tenugui, and another one is unexpectedly made because I found pile of birds pattern fabrics which three of my quilting friends gave me. Since this quilt was locally sold,

I thought it would be good to replace with the new quilt. I will post the pics when it's done :) Still productive day without studying. ha ha :D I still have to finish some homework of other of my classes tho.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

One day of Spring

I am done with all work due on tomorrow including assignments, so I wanted to post something on my blog before going to bed. I am actually almost done with 2 of donation quilts; I enjoyed the process as well - binding left though.

I enjoyed window shopping today after a long time paying attention to something which I usually don't!

Beer from Belgium.
The color of beer on the package really looked tasty. I am not a big fun of black beer, and I felt like I smelled light pop odor of hops through this picture. I think it's part of because I am really limiting myself to alcohol amount to drink for a long time. I personally think this package is very successful to be consumed. And, I have been feeling so sorry for Belgium after learning her history. Despite of a neutral country, she was dragged into World War I and II. I think I will try the beer someday...

It's hard to believe there are gluten free beer. After removing wheat or hops, what's left?? Flavor is one of the most important part of beer to enjoy. But, I would like to try it someday anyway. It costed $6.49 per a bottle of 500ml, so I would try it when I become rich :D

Bags from Kellogg. I really wanted this bags, but had to buy 2 boxes of Kellogg cereal. I loved the designs of them and seriously thought this makes a good gift for my friend, Japanese who lives in Japan, who wanted to have a shopping bag from Trader Joe's - Trader Joe's is on travel guide books for Japanese for traveling west coast - you believe it or not.

Although my housemate calls me

I prefer "Tough Cookie" because I am, not a sweetie pie. And, it was accepted :)

My most excitement for this spring-summer is these!

I know basil and okra grow in the backyard since I tried them in the last 2 years. Unfortunately Okra didn't grow well because I planted it too late. So, I will try basil, okra, and CATNIP - new experience for me - this summer. I love to use basil or other herbs in my cooking, but they, grew one, are expensive at grocery shops. Okra is for revenge that I couldn't get good harvest last year. I will start planting them soon after getting in May! :D :D :D

Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool

April Fool.
I forgot to lie to someone.

Since I was busy with taking care of the second history exam this week, the assignment of photography class for this week had been left behind, and I didn't even have any ideas of what technique I want to try for it; but, I anyway had to shoot something since every Sunday is the due. I am kind of tired of cherry blossoms to shoot, so looked for something looks unique in the quiet studying room where I spent today.

Here is today's best shot. The title is "Confine." This paper ball is a napkin used after lunch.

And "Envy for outisde." - especially because today was pretty.

I shot my shadow also. Anyway tried to look for something interesting outside.

And played with Adobe Lightroom a little. It looks like being shot at night.

By the way, Japanese Katakana quilt (custom order) was done. It was shipped today. Hope my customer would like it.

I started to work on the next custom order, Robot Quilt. I know that quilting of 3 small quilts has priority than the Robot quilt... but, cannot yet firm the ideas of how I want to quilt them. I want to finish them in Wednesday though, sometimes it take long time to determine what quilting pattern I want to use since 99% of my customers say "Whatever you think good is fine."

This week was productive as well, and I was happy :)
Hope the next week will be the same.