Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool

April Fool.
I forgot to lie to someone.

Since I was busy with taking care of the second history exam this week, the assignment of photography class for this week had been left behind, and I didn't even have any ideas of what technique I want to try for it; but, I anyway had to shoot something since every Sunday is the due. I am kind of tired of cherry blossoms to shoot, so looked for something looks unique in the quiet studying room where I spent today.

Here is today's best shot. The title is "Confine." This paper ball is a napkin used after lunch.

And "Envy for outisde." - especially because today was pretty.

I shot my shadow also. Anyway tried to look for something interesting outside.

And played with Adobe Lightroom a little. It looks like being shot at night.

By the way, Japanese Katakana quilt (custom order) was done. It was shipped today. Hope my customer would like it.

I started to work on the next custom order, Robot Quilt. I know that quilting of 3 small quilts has priority than the Robot quilt... but, cannot yet firm the ideas of how I want to quilt them. I want to finish them in Wednesday though, sometimes it take long time to determine what quilting pattern I want to use since 99% of my customers say "Whatever you think good is fine."

This week was productive as well, and I was happy :)
Hope the next week will be the same.