Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pretty Saturday

Today was so pretty.
I went to the botanical garden this morning to shoot some pictures, but they were SO busy as people were being directed to park the car where they usually cannot park at - on the lawn area in the parking place. So, gave up to enter the garden and enjoyed 3 garage sales in that area instead.

Many people were there to look for special deals :) I got some practical things at very, very reasonable price - bunch of copy paper and some stationery, etc.

I was kind of shocked to realize that I had completely forgot its existence of index divider when I found them at the garage sale. I got some of them.

This is what I was using until the last semester....; it's just a flier of cotton batting. Well, it had been more than 20 years since I graduated from college in Japan and stopped to use those kind of stationery used for studying. And there was not inconvenience for me to use the flier as a divider; so, I didn't pay attention to it seriously. No wonder if I forgot them? :-p

One of the garage sales, it was called estate sale, I saw very familiar plates. My mother has the same plates at home. I remember we used to eat Japanese curry with this plates when I was a child.

I didn't buy those dishes, but found very special things! I cannot tell what I got here though, since they will make the birthday gifts for my friends. I shipped one of them to Japan already. Her birthday was in February though..., I anyway wanted to give it to her and wanted to have a reason. They are handmade by a professional crafter - one of a kind. It was really worth to look around 3 garage sales to find them :D

My weekends got back to be for studying again. Biology is kind of emotionally easier compared to history because I don't have to think of "why that happens." I appreciate and be amazed by the scientists who discovered all the facts of how we all are created using tremendous time and effort. I learned idiots make history from history class and am learning geniuses also make history. It's just terrific and exciting. Well, I enjoy biology; however, it doesn't mean I can memorize all the terms. Sigh.