Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drawstringsbag with Antique Handkerchief

One new item was added to Etsy after a long time!

I found nice antique handkerchiefs at the garage sale the other day.

They were in a big basket. I picked only my favorite ones. I thought I would make a quilt with them and additional fabrics. But, as usual, I changed the first plan and started to make a small item - a drawstrings bag - instead of a quilt.

I added a little buttons and some straight stitches.

I think that using these kind of things as embellishments is pretty as well.

At the quilting meeting this week, which was at the fabric store, I found two woven fabrics were on sale.

I think these fabrics go well with the antique handkerchiefs. After I cut the red and white stripes fabric for making drawstrings bags, I again thought they can be quilt blocks also. It would make a very pretty quilt :)