Monday, July 02, 2012

Brutal Storm

We, here in VA, had a brutal storm the last Friday. Huge area didn't have power at least one day, and some of them still don't have power. Our power came back on Sunday, so it was just for two days without power.

I didn't notice we were in the storm until power went off. I was thinking it would come back within an hour or so, and started to enjoy sewing in darkness.

Then, switched the battery light to candles, which was very nice atmosphere.

Since I couldn't use my sewing machine, I cut some fabrics for my new projects under candle light.

Power didn't come back yet, so I went to bed; got up next morning, still no power.
S ran all over for ices to put in freezer.
Sonny started to say "I'm hot."

R and I went to get a small grill and propane gas so that we could cook outside.

I don't like to waste food. I anway cooked something with food we had in the refrigerator.
I love to have beer outside in hot weather WITHOUT mosquitoes.

And this worked perfect.

After dinner, all of us went to Wallmart and MacDonalds to study or to read. They had light and airconditioning. It was nice.

I found this old traditional mosquitoes killer which my grandparents used to use in Japan when I was a child. This also works very well.

We hoped to have power back by coming home, but it didn't happen. So, enjoyed candles again and went to bed.

Next morning, almost noon, power came back! S was taking a picture of her cat, R was taking a cold shower, and I was laying on the bed. I screamed "Power came back!!!!" since I saw the ceiling fan started to move.

Food in the freezer was OK; ice wasn't all melted, they were still solid. It was fun and kind of exciting. Since we got the grill, we don't have to worry about it next time.

I had a few friends who got small or big dameges on their property. I hope everything goes back to normal very soon...