Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Calender - one month on two pages

There are so many websites that offer free calenders and templates though, I couldn't find what I liked. I checked Staples and other places that would carry some kinds of calenders, the one I liked was expensive, like $66.

So, I made it by myself.

I wanted :
* One month on two pages (letter size) because one month on one page is too small for me to write a little comment or one sentence journal each day.
* Starts from Sunday
* Simple and practical, no decoration is necessary
* A little extra space to note something on the bottom of calender or the side

But, it would take forever to make a calender from scratch, so I downloaded pdf files of one month on one page calender from free calender site. And, took screen shots, enlarged them, cut and paste on Illustrator in whatever size I wanted, added spaces for notes.

Here is the PDF files for those who might want to use my calender. Please discuss with your printer how to print them if you would like to print both sides.

July - December 2012 PDF file
January - December 2013 PDF file

Hope many people would download them so that I can feel like my time wasn't wasted much.
Thanks :)