Monday, July 09, 2012

Interesting lunch

Since my summer vacation began, I can now go to lunch with my quilting ladies after meetings.

Today's lunch was interesting, different and yet delicious. I had never seen a big mushroom burger instead of a hamburger.

This is called "Southwest Porta Burger" at Pastry Xpo.
It came with a free little cup cake :D They have many of interesting menues.

If you are in local, please try!

Speaking of lunch, I would like to introduce some easy party food from Trader Joe's.

One is "Japanese Style Fried Rice" - rice with tofu and hijiki(small black seaweed).
It was DELICIOUS. I know many of Americans are hesitate to eat Japanese food though.

Other one is their creation.
Mix blue cheese and Artichoke, and put it on bread, and toaste it.
It was also delicious.

I love their food sampling section :D

Speaking of food sampling section, I love cheese sample section of Whole foods - in Fair Lakes.

They carry all kinds of cheese! I actually got a little sick after trying most of them... ha ha ha.

New(?) Bird pouch! or Drawstrings bag!

I remade my bird pouch in different pattern, which is easier to make than before, since all stocks were sold. I cut some fabrics to make some of them. Its size is a little larger than the old type. It will be fun :)