Sunday, August 05, 2012

Doll's Quilts

I get a lot of remnants from cutting fabrics for Korean Aphabet Quilt kits - 40 assorted 5.5" squares. Since they are sorted pastel colors and length is the same size, I thought I would make a doll's quilt with them.

Sewed the pieces together, then cut them into 5.5" square - its length is already 5.5".
Also, cut 18-20 of 5.5" squares from 2 FQ in neutral color.

Using this method,

I made 72 pinwheel blocks and turned them into 2 small quilts for dolls.
It was a quick job. I enjoyed it very much :)

By the way.
These plants (below) we devided into some pots, actually they are trash boxes, from the one big pot at the end of April have been growing well! :D

These are "after" (below).

Well, we have to think where these can live during winter :D :D :D