Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Japanese alphabet table runner - from Sara

I received a picture of this great work from my customer who purchased my Japanese alphabet - Hiragana - quilt pattern!

(ありがとう = Thank you)

She said she wanted to do some practice before making a Hiragana quilt, and this is what she made! What a nice idea :D I have also made a "Ganbare" (Do your best) version for a gift long time ago. I think it's an excellent idea to practice Japanese words like this! Additionally, it's easier to make than a quilt.

She also shared her idea of making cloth blocks for a child's toy. I think that is a good idea, too. How about making cloth cards which is like coasters?- I actually planned to make fish shape cards and have already made a big circle pond quilt, which go with the fishes, long time ago. I thought children can play with the fishes on the pond quilt. Since I wasn't patient enough to make the small fish shape cards, I gave the circle quilt to my friend. - The same alphabet are often needed to make a word. So, you can duplicate the same alphabet as many as you like, also.

Once you get the alphabet pattern, you can make learning toys for children! I might want to make Katakana, another basic Japanese alphabet set, pattern as well, then! :)

Thank you very much for sharing, Sara! Also, thank you for checking my blog such a long time~~! ;D