Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Quilting Pattern

First of all, my camera, Nikon Coolpix S8100, is now under repairing. It was sent to Nikon a few days ago. I am now strongly, seriously thinking to get a SLR, and I think this is an excellent timing, but don't have time to research of it. I actually had a local camera repair shop to estimate how much the repairing cost is, and what was the problem. For some reason, I didn't ask the shop for repairing, but I thought it's good to hear what Nikon says because the problem, according the local camera shop, is kind of "Nikon sells a defective camera" thing. Nikon is a big company. I think I was just unlucky, and this could be happened with another big camera companies such as Cannon or Fuji. So, I am thinking to get a Nikon SLR, but not sure yet. I will see what Nikon says. The customer service of Nikon is NOT good so far.

Anyway, I wanted to state that things above because I don't like the pictures taken with another camera. This camera seems easy to deal with, but there is not many functions I can control, it's too modern for me. So, that was an excuse that I am not posting good pictures here :-p

This quilt was made by C.S. She makes "museum quality" quilts by hand. I always wonder why she doesn't mind to get machine quilting on beautifully hand made quilts! The all autumn leaves were hand appliqued by hand....

I this time tried new quilting pattern and I think it went well. Sometimes, it takes time to come up with an idea how I want to quilt it since most of my customers always say "whatever you think the best." I think it's kind of the same as "What do you want for dinner, dear?", "I don't care."

I am happy with the result. I hope she feels the same :)