Saturday, December 22, 2012

Completely HOLIDAY!

It is holidays! Luncheons and parties are everywhere :D
My holidays started with a holiday party of the toastmasters group.

After I learned a little of making a speech in this semester, I decided to practice to speak in front of people and to join the local toastmasters group with S (hopefully) and R. It will be good for interviews, and writing essays, etc. Taking a public speaking class is too much for me at this point. I was advised by my faculty adviser to take a class "acting for the camera" in this spring semester in order to gain confidence, also.

After couple of luncheons, this semester was completely over with good grades :D I'm a little tired of fighting with the pressures of keeping good grades, but this is an excellent way of self-discipline. I don't know when I lose the conflict with myself, but will do my best.

My heaven days started with Korean alphabet quilt orders.
This (below) is a sample of the quilt.

And, tracing alphabet patterns on Under-Wander with beer and Japanese drama watching on the internet for free :D What a peaceful moment!! I truly love it.

And, S's birthday lunch. Her birthday is actually the beginning of November. We usually do something for her birthday, but her lovely daughter came home driving up 3 hours for one way to celebrate her birthday, so we gave up to do something on time this time. S and R suggested me to wait until my school is over, so finally we had a lunch together :)

S always eat a little.

R does not care to mix main food and desert. He loves sweet.

I eat a lot more than people expect :-p

And, my naughty boy loves R.

Since it is holidays, I got a lot of wet food for them for my Sunday event. S actually prefer to give her cats only dry food, but she let me give them wet food every Sundays since I love to watch them eating wet food. They get more excited when they have wet food than dry food. It's fun to watch.

I usually pick the blue box since it has the cans that contain more protein than the pink box, but I wanted to give them various texture and taste. I know they do not care, only I care. I get excited when I go to a pet depertment imaging they may like the all kinds of food sold there. I know they do not care, and all the pet products are there for satisfaction to human beings.

We have several holiday parties around the Christmas day, and I got unusual bottles of beer to take :D :D :D :D :D How nice. Holiday season is nice!

And, R gave me a Christmas gift.

A long turner! I think I wanted this probably for about 2 years, but could not find a favorite one. R remembers almost everything I want or need even when I do not remember, he had kept bringing up the candidate of turner every time he found the one I may like. I loved the similar one belongs to S. She let us use all kinds of her kitchen tools, but I finally got it for myself :D :D

So, my holidays are cozy, pleasant, fun, comfortable, and happy :D :D :D :D I appreciate all people who contribute all kinds of elements of happiness to me. Thank you very much :)

Hope you have a GREAT one, too!