Monday, December 31, 2012

Fancy Night

I had a lot in the last week!

It started with the Christmas party hosted by my friend who has a beautiful garden. She is the lady who provides me a lot of vegetables and basil. My pesto made with her basil a few months ago, there were a lot, had already gone, I really enjoyed them very much.

So here she is :)

It was a very cozy party with familiar people, but the special note of this party was that I was able to meet her daughter for my first time. I appreciate her for inviting us - R & me.

This kind of pleasant atmosphere let me drink more than usual, probably for many people, also it does not get me drunk. That is one of the wonderful parts of parties especially when with cozy people.

I loved her Christmas tree. It was just right size, not too small and not too big. The icy ornaments were pretty!

The main food was cheese fondu! We had fun to play with cheese :D I thought cheese fondu is perfect for a party because it brings us fun conversations as well as enjoying the food itself.

Everybody wondered what this is. Pointy cauliflower! I thought it look like hair of Indian Buddha. Japanese Buddha has round face and body... he is fat. Indian Buddha is slim.

Anyway the Buddha hair cauliflower tasted the same as the normal cauliflower :)

The desert was chocolate fondu! High calorie!! But it was GOOD!!!

She provided us a wonderful start of the week. I will write about the next day after this post :)