Tuesday, January 08, 2013


I'm so thankful for my friends who made my birthday very special yesterday!! It started with a card from R on the day before my birthday. He gave me 2 cards this year, a comical one and a serious one, I thought cards can represent your exact feeling. He takes his time in order to pick up a right one for every event and they become good keepsakes.

I had the quilting meeting in the morning. At the parking lot of the meeting place, what I received from our leader saying "I'm so sorry for this ugly wrapping!!" was this.

I could quickly found out it's a box of beer before opening it :D I had never tried this guys. The taste was unique.

And, from my quilty ladies on that day :D One lady brought a cake, also :D :D

I went to lunch with some quilty ladies after the meeting. The restaurant was very good. I did not get hungry all that day after that. S & R was talking about taking me out for dinner, but I expected at this point that would not happen. I was too full.

At home, I heard from R that I can buy anything I want at Jo-Ann and the bill can go to S. I was thinking to get a bobbin winder using coupons. I had a price on mind seen the other day at another Jo-Ann, it was $39, but found it was wrong at the local Jo-Ann. Additionally, found any coupons may not be used for any sewing machine merchandises, so I gave up. But, bought some Japanesey fabric and something that were on sale plus using additional discount coupon :)

Also, received a package from Japan! (>_<)

Magazines "Quilt Japan" !

A birthday card from my friend.
The fish called "Tai" (Japanese name) is used for a special occasion in Japan. In this case, he has a birthday cake in his mouth = double happiness :)

It was a really good timing to receive the magazines! I have just finished my antique handkerchief quilt and was thinking what I want to make next. Since I bought the Japanesey fabrics and received the magazines, also no Japanese quilt is listed on my etsy shop now, I am ready to make a Japanese quilt with a pack of fabrics already made about half year ago :)

I will introduce my new antique handkerchief quilt in the next post. Also, about a crocheted blanket.

I was thinking the handkerchief quilt to be this way (from "Quilt Japan"), but it did not happen.

And, here are some pics from the magazines!

I think this is my first time to see a machine quilted item like this one in a Japanese magazine.

Tea cup quilt in Japanese version.

So, I think I might want to make a Japanese quilt like this one for my next project - not sure yet though.

After S came home, she gave me a card including "dough" valued more than the Jo-Ann bill! We examined the package from Japan together, had a fun time until late. I learned Americans do not like "slimy yams (Yamaimo or Nagaimo)." My friend included powder of Yamaimo in the package. It's delicious though.

Anyway, I had a really great birthday thanks to you all! Thank you, again!!