Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crocheted Blanket

The other day, my friend gave me a lot of yarns.

I needed to have a crocheting project to take to the trip to Pittsburgh and North Carolina to visit R's families and relatives around the Christmas holiday. I like S's crocheted blanket and with the yarns my friend gave me, I thought it would be the perfect project to take - and, yes, it was.

We expected to drive around 30 hours total for this trip. I thought the blanket would be done by coming home though, it was an wrong idea.

This is what I have done during the trip.

Because it is LONG. I am now afraid of the yarns I have are not enough for the blanket :(

The day we left for the trip was when the snow storm came.

It usually takes around 5 hours one way to Pittsburgh. On that day, it took 11 hours. I saw literally many cars broken or being stuck on the snow, towing trucks, and police cars on the way. It was not bad at all for me since I was enjoying crocheting the blanket. R enjoyed driving on the icy road since he is used to snow; he is from Pittsburgh where has a lot of snow and mountains. I crochet, crochet, crochet, and sometimes screamed. And, we laughed a lot :D His families were also laughing saying "That's R! Only he does this kind of thing! Who else in the family try to come in this snow!? I wouldn't!" It was fun!

I love this book! It is like a bible of crochet patterns. I picked some patterns from this book for my blanket, and keep changing the patterns every a few rows. It looks complicated patterns afterwards, doesn't it :)

Well, I am not sure when my blanket will be done. I will continue working on it on every trip :)