Friday, March 22, 2013

Magic Wand

It was a pretty nice day like this that I saw Sakura, cherry blossoms, blooming in the campus...

that I appreciate R for having a hard time to find a good and less expensive handy scanner.

My English professor asked us, his students, to bring a photocopy of the entry for our topics of the research paper from a literary encyclopedia which must be a reference actual REAL book from the library. Well... reference book means I cannot take the book out of the library, and making a photocopy means I have to use a copy machine in the library, which cost tooooooo! much.

I was actually making fun of R thinking why he needs such a thing, the handy scanner. The scanner worked so very good for me to scan the pages of the reference book! I had more than 40 pages to scan!

I apologized him for being so rude... he helps me a lot in any occasions....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Drawstrings Bags with Handles

My Japanese friend contacted me to ask if I can make two drawstrings bags with handles for her mother and grand mother. So, here they are - the pics are not good since they were taken in early evening...

I am actually selling the pattern of this bag at etsy though..., I was shocked when I realized that I forgot how to make it :(

So, I printed it and followed the direction. AND, I realized it was easy to follow! So, it was an another benefit from this order.

I think I would make some bags in this style since only one bag is left in my shop. I think I made a lot of them a year or two ago, and happy to see most are gone.

I'm now in the spring break! I still have the assignments to do, but I'm happy to be able to do some extra things :)

Hope you have a wonderful week & weekend!