Friday, May 31, 2013

Small Quilts for Babies

The other day, I received an email from my dear friend :

SMALL QUILTS AND BLANKETS NEEDED AT INOVA FAIRFAX HOSPITAL - Sandi Goldman (McL) writes; "I'm a volunteer at INOVA Fairfax on the High Risk Pregnancy Ward and we have had a request from Labor and Delivery for small quilts and blankets. They will be used to wrap babies that have been still born or pass away in when they are shown to their parents. The sizes they need are: 12" x 12, " 16" x 16, " 18" x 18," and 22" x 22." We do not need fancy! And if it's easier we can use soft flannel fabric cut and then trim added. Or plain cotton and machine quilted if you do that ... ANYTHING is appreciated. Preferably white, baby pink and baby blue. Last year we needed about 190 blankets for this purpose.

When I was busy with school last month, but wanted to do something stress free, I made 4 easy flannel blankets with cotton lace trim.

I bought this bulky cotton lace at ebay a looooooooooong time ago at $10 including shipping :) I have prenty of trim...!

Now, I am in less-busy summer vacation, and will make little quilts for the hospital.

Here are the fabrics that I'm going to use. I have made many pastel colored quilts, so they are the leftovers.

I do not have any children, but experienced miscarriges twice in the past. I always wanted to have my own child, but now at my age, I just feel as it is the fact that it just did not happen to me. I do not seek a life with a child anymore. I would have a different life if I had a child, but the fact is that my life today exists without children. I cannot determine which life, with a child or without a child, was better for me. Most important thing is wether I enjoy this life. There are pros and cons, but yes, I do like the life I now have.

I do feel so sorry for the parents who were ready to enjoy the life with their babies. I wish I could console those parents with my small quilts....

Monday, May 27, 2013

Flower Arrangements for 40th Anniversary Party

This is really a stress free fun project!
Since I was asked for table decoration for the toastmasters 40th anniversary party, I have been enjoying checking artificial flowers :D

I decided to use green x yellow x white flowers as main colors, and R found a color for 40th anniversary, red, so I combined the 3 colors and red :)

Here is the basket for a main table.
I would like to add a little white flowers around the red roses later...
Please don't point out this basket has flowers bloom in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

And, small vases for tables for people.

It was also so much fun to look at some flower arrangement books.
The works in this book are unique...

The author apparently likes to use eggs in her art.

It is interesting to use flowers for the vase.

But, I did not understand this one.
Why Daikon (Japanese white raddish)????????????
It would be a "forever mistery" for me.

I think this flower arrangment fever will last for a while since it's really fun! But a problem is that I don't know what to do with it after making it. Is there any good idea??

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photography Course from Photographer Barbara Southworth

I received an email from my professor inviting her recent and not-so-recent students to her private photography course. I enjoyed her class "Introduction to Photography" at NOVA last year. I was interested in taking pictures since teen, and her class made my eyes for photography open more.

Here is the details from my professor.
In and Out - Landscape / Lightroom (solstice series)

starting next week on Wednesday, May 29.

As many of you know, by now I’m usually Maine-bound, but circumstances are keeping me in town this season so why not try something new? This may be the first of more offerings alternating indoor image and Lightroom reviews with outdoor shoots. Details are attached.

In and Out: Landscape + Lightroom (PDF file)

Also coming up in early fall – a weeklong photo workshop in Maine’s Acadia National Park. We’ll shoot popular places but also hidden nooks and crannies discovered over the years, including as an artist-in-residence there. The affordable workshop includes accommodations in a waterfront mansion and most meals. Stay tuned for an invitation.

If you are interested in, please contact her!

There are SO MANY interesting and fun things in this world, I just cannot make up my mind what I really, really want to do for my rest of my life!

Hope you have a nice week :)

A New Flower Pattern

After a long time!
Here are the pictures of my quilting!

I sometimes feel bad about not writing about quilts and crafts since my blog is registered at a quilty website. It seems my blog goes to the top of the blog list at the website everytime I post something here. People who check the site are looking for articles regarding quilts, not about my school life and my thoughts of life...

Anyway, I have been quilting, quilting, quilting besides of studying!

And, here is Tina's Daiwabo Quilt, its size in approx. 80 x 90 :D
All (or most) of the fabrics used for this quilt is from Daiwabo, Japanese well-known fabric company. She initially started to work on a house quilt following this book, by Yoko Saito who is also well-known quilter in Japan,

and this Daiwabo Quilt was made with the leftovers. What a yummy leftover quilt!

The quilt top!


Tina asked me to use a flower quilting pattern, which the flower is like the one seen on the backing. I think the thread color, variegated in gray and black, worked very nicely as Tina expected :)

This was my first time to "draw" (quilt) this flower pattern, but it went very well! I'm so happy to be able to add a new pattern so that I can use it for another quilts :D

I actually did it already on a quilt for Suzzies Quilt Shop - approx. 56 x 84. Suzy said this quilt will be hang in her shop :)

It really project a different impression, isn't it. The thread color used for this quilting is 5 vivid color variegated, yellow, green, red, blue, and purple. I like this one, too!

Since the Spring semester was over, summer classes began this Monday though, I am supposed to have more time for quilting plus the activities with toastmasters club! I think my speaking is a little better than before. It is time to practice speaking more and eventually public speaking...!

It was really a great Spring semester! So, I am ready for enjoying this summer as well :D

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Joke

Every morning,
R gets up first, and
S comes down to the kitchen with her kitties, and
the kitties jump all over, and
they make all kinds of noises.

Then, S & R sit at the kitchen table, and
start talking.

Sometimes it sounds like they are getting into an argument,
but with a laugh, so probably just exchanging opinions
about an article on the Washington Post, or
about the movie they just watched last night
while I was quilting.

Then, I get out of bed with these happy noises.

When I come up to the kitchen,
R smiles and says “Welcome to today!” and
S says “Good morning!” reading the newspaper, and
I will be ready for enjoying today as well as yesterday.


This morning,
I did not hear my favorite noises, but my nose.

I’ve got a COLD!

My Spring break before the summer class is
ONLY a week!

This must be a joke.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Table Decoration

I have not much done with my toastmaster's club yet,
since I am so busy with school and quilting...
I have to make a speech (4-6 min) at the next meeting,
and it is kind of making me nervous...

We had an auction to raise the club's funds
at the meeting of toastmaster's club the other day,
and I brought a baby quilt to donate.

I initially made this quilt for sale, but I did not like it.
So, I thought I would donate it through QU, my quilting group,
and some quilting ladies said
"why don't you sell it at cheap price?"

so, I did it though, it wasn't sold and ended up donating to the toastmasters club.

Then, one member of the club asked me if I am interested in taking a role of
table decoration for the club's anniversary party.

I have never done such a thing, so I was kind of hesitated,
but R is positive about everything and "you can do it!" person,
so I am going to do it.

Actually, once I decided to do that, I'm having fun.
I'm going to see the place (restaurant) in person, and
already have a few ideas of decoration, and will check some books at library,
thinking that maybe $1 store would be good to buy some materials for that.

One message from the lady made me tear.

"Please know that you're not alone in being shy about speaking,
almost all of us started out that way!
We all appreciate for being willing to help us out with decorations so much!"

R always pushes me back.
I sometimes feel it's too much for me to take,
but always things turn out very nice.
I think he knows about me very well and knows what is good for me.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Almost OVER! Fun time!

Today was the all paper's due day, and
I turned in all of the papers, and
I expect good grades! :D

So (?), here are some fun photos that
I took a while ago.

There was an event at my college
(I don't think it was a ALPACA event, but only ALPACA was pretty there)
they consoled my tired mind from assignments one weekend :)

I have 2 more small assignments to do by tomorrow midnight,
but after that, I am FREE!

I will write more productive or fun things.
Thank you so much for reading my blog :)