Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New Flower Pattern

After a long time!
Here are the pictures of my quilting!

I sometimes feel bad about not writing about quilts and crafts since my blog is registered at a quilty website. It seems my blog goes to the top of the blog list at the website everytime I post something here. People who check the site are looking for articles regarding quilts, not about my school life and my thoughts of life...

Anyway, I have been quilting, quilting, quilting besides of studying!

And, here is Tina's Daiwabo Quilt, its size in approx. 80 x 90 :D
All (or most) of the fabrics used for this quilt is from Daiwabo, Japanese well-known fabric company. She initially started to work on a house quilt following this book, by Yoko Saito who is also well-known quilter in Japan,

and this Daiwabo Quilt was made with the leftovers. What a yummy leftover quilt!

The quilt top!


Tina asked me to use a flower quilting pattern, which the flower is like the one seen on the backing. I think the thread color, variegated in gray and black, worked very nicely as Tina expected :)

This was my first time to "draw" (quilt) this flower pattern, but it went very well! I'm so happy to be able to add a new pattern so that I can use it for another quilts :D

I actually did it already on a quilt for Suzzies Quilt Shop - approx. 56 x 84. Suzy said this quilt will be hang in her shop :)

It really project a different impression, isn't it. The thread color used for this quilting is 5 vivid color variegated, yellow, green, red, blue, and purple. I like this one, too!

Since the Spring semester was over, summer classes began this Monday though, I am supposed to have more time for quilting plus the activities with toastmasters club! I think my speaking is a little better than before. It is time to practice speaking more and eventually public speaking...!

It was really a great Spring semester! So, I am ready for enjoying this summer as well :D