Monday, May 27, 2013

Flower Arrangements for 40th Anniversary Party

This is really a stress free fun project!
Since I was asked for table decoration for the toastmasters 40th anniversary party, I have been enjoying checking artificial flowers :D

I decided to use green x yellow x white flowers as main colors, and R found a color for 40th anniversary, red, so I combined the 3 colors and red :)

Here is the basket for a main table.
I would like to add a little white flowers around the red roses later...
Please don't point out this basket has flowers bloom in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

And, small vases for tables for people.

It was also so much fun to look at some flower arrangement books.
The works in this book are unique...

The author apparently likes to use eggs in her art.

It is interesting to use flowers for the vase.

But, I did not understand this one.
Why Daikon (Japanese white raddish)????????????
It would be a "forever mistery" for me.

I think this flower arrangment fever will last for a while since it's really fun! But a problem is that I don't know what to do with it after making it. Is there any good idea??