Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photography Course from Photographer Barbara Southworth

I received an email from my professor inviting her recent and not-so-recent students to her private photography course. I enjoyed her class "Introduction to Photography" at NOVA last year. I was interested in taking pictures since teen, and her class made my eyes for photography open more.

Here is the details from my professor.
In and Out - Landscape / Lightroom (solstice series)

starting next week on Wednesday, May 29.

As many of you know, by now I’m usually Maine-bound, but circumstances are keeping me in town this season so why not try something new? This may be the first of more offerings alternating indoor image and Lightroom reviews with outdoor shoots. Details are attached.

In and Out: Landscape + Lightroom (PDF file)

Also coming up in early fall – a weeklong photo workshop in Maine’s Acadia National Park. We’ll shoot popular places but also hidden nooks and crannies discovered over the years, including as an artist-in-residence there. The affordable workshop includes accommodations in a waterfront mansion and most meals. Stay tuned for an invitation.

If you are interested in, please contact her!

There are SO MANY interesting and fun things in this world, I just cannot make up my mind what I really, really want to do for my rest of my life!

Hope you have a nice week :)