Friday, May 31, 2013

Small Quilts for Babies

The other day, I received an email from my dear friend :

SMALL QUILTS AND BLANKETS NEEDED AT INOVA FAIRFAX HOSPITAL - Sandi Goldman (McL) writes; "I'm a volunteer at INOVA Fairfax on the High Risk Pregnancy Ward and we have had a request from Labor and Delivery for small quilts and blankets. They will be used to wrap babies that have been still born or pass away in when they are shown to their parents. The sizes they need are: 12" x 12, " 16" x 16, " 18" x 18," and 22" x 22." We do not need fancy! And if it's easier we can use soft flannel fabric cut and then trim added. Or plain cotton and machine quilted if you do that ... ANYTHING is appreciated. Preferably white, baby pink and baby blue. Last year we needed about 190 blankets for this purpose.

When I was busy with school last month, but wanted to do something stress free, I made 4 easy flannel blankets with cotton lace trim.

I bought this bulky cotton lace at ebay a looooooooooong time ago at $10 including shipping :) I have prenty of trim...!

Now, I am in less-busy summer vacation, and will make little quilts for the hospital.

Here are the fabrics that I'm going to use. I have made many pastel colored quilts, so they are the leftovers.

I do not have any children, but experienced miscarriges twice in the past. I always wanted to have my own child, but now at my age, I just feel as it is the fact that it just did not happen to me. I do not seek a life with a child anymore. I would have a different life if I had a child, but the fact is that my life today exists without children. I cannot determine which life, with a child or without a child, was better for me. Most important thing is wether I enjoy this life. There are pros and cons, but yes, I do like the life I now have.

I do feel so sorry for the parents who were ready to enjoy the life with their babies. I wish I could console those parents with my small quilts....