Saturday, May 04, 2013


Before finishing this semester, I enrolled the second part of Biology class for summer.
I am also thinking to enroll 2 of 8 weeks online non-credit English classes because taking just 1 class could make me feel that I might be wasting summer, but I do not want to take 3 classes at once because summer vacation meant to be “RESTING! REFRESHING! FORGET THE CLASS!” and “SEWING! QUILTING!” I’m mentally tired of being in struggle all the time.

I know learning at college is very beneficial based on my experience. It really changed my world thanks to gaining different perspectives. Learning about America through history class, the way classes are conducted, observing young people and professors, the system of American society through college, and so on made me realize America is a totally different country from Japan. At the same time, it made sense to me why America is America, why Japan is Japan. And now, I feel more comfortable to live in the USA after understanding America and getting rid of some prejudices.

2 year college is mainly not for knowledge. It is a place for self-discipline. Students can learn how to manage life problems for the future by going through the classes, which usually generates a positive and effective attitude towards life. It is also a place to learn about self. We can discover the direction of life which way you want to go by finding what we like, what we do not like, what is good at, what is not good at through the college activities and socializing others. Most importantly, some can find they have a problem, which I think those will be successful in the future. Unfortunately most do not see the problems they have. Finally when we go to 4 year university, specific knowledge to learn comes in.

Masters and Ph.D people are respected because they founded the disciplined mind plus accumulated knowledge. It’s not easy. - I really think education can make you rational and objective which makes your life very easier. Emotion does not solve problems.

However, 18-20 years old kids do not understand those. How come most of them are so stupid? How come they do not care about wasting time and money by not doing homework, not attending class, some drop a class a week before the final. They just do not appreciate education AT ALL. I was not this bad when I was 18 - and the society was more strict, and I was in Japan where is more traditional than here. I cannot believe they do not stop using their cell phones during class, or keep eating snacks making noises. They just do not listen to teachers - teachers should be much more strict and controlling! As long as teachers do not stand up for this, kids will never learn - I do not understand they do not have a part of brain for thinking about respecting others, but being occupied with the selfish idea. I believe their parents must teach these basic manners in society. They are monsters to me.

I really appreciate professors - some are bad though - for their patience. I cannot imagine how hard and difficult to deal with these bunch of monsters. They are Masters or Ph.Ds who have professional knowledge of the subject they teach, PATIENCE, and teaching skills. I do not understand why they do not make a great money. They should be more admired, honored, and respected.

Now, I’m going back to my final drafts of my essay since I wrote whatever I want in the way I want.
On Friday next week, this semester will be officially OVER! OVER! OVER! OVER! OVER! (endless)...