Sunday, June 30, 2013


I might be saying something strange, but this is how I feel.

Notebooks are so convenient to take notes!
I did not care what paper I use for taking notes in the classes.
So, I was using any kind of paper such as scratch paper, backside of fliers, old paper, and colored paper. I did not even think of buying notebooks because I had paper to write on. I just staple them after the class and dispose them after semester.
I think I knew other students use fancy notebooks, but I think I just did not care. As long as I had paper for my notes, it was fine.

A while ago, S gave me a bunch of old notebooks after cleaning the house, and I started to use them this semester.

I have realized notebooks are so nice.
I like pages are not schatteed, they are in order, they have lines, white, one bound pages look pretty, easy to carry, organized!!

I told R about this and he said "I also have bunch of notebooks in my storage. I told you a long time ago."

They always make my life easier. Thank you (>_<)!!