Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Nancy is sharing her garden with me for Okra. And, S let me use her garden for Okra as well.
I went to her garden to weed around the Okra and was shocked to see that they are much larger than them that are in S's garden!

Nancy's Okra.

S's Okra.
R is watering them everyday. Nancy has watering system for her garden.
The differences between them are sunlight and fertilizer...

I think all our plants are not as much healthy as Nancy's. She really takes her time for taking care of her garden. It is really a hard work!!

Here is a lotus flower found in Nancy's pond.

I did not know water plants like this bloom flowers.
They are small and so pretty!

This summer in VA is getting like real summer!
Stay cool and do not work hard in heat!