Friday, August 30, 2013

Donation Quilt - Quilt in One Day

This morning, I found this pattern through a DM from Fat Quarter Shop.

I thought this pattern is so cute and would be perfect for a donation quilt made with the fabrics that my friend gave me for donation quilts.

Since I thought this quilt would be able to be done quickly, I started to make it, though! It actually took a whole day. A problem is what I did not think about correlation of the quilt size and the fabric I have and its size! - I really thought I am stupid when I saw this BIG blocks. My brain must have been sleeping.

So, I had to change the pattern.

Fold the block in half like this and sew the side of the safety pins are placed.

Bring the seam to the center and cut the both sides.

The cut blocks look like these.

Fold the block like this and repeat the procedure 1 - 3 again. Do the same to the other block.

Result. 2 x each blocks.

I tried to make it fancy. I want to add the red somewhere.

It looks too long. The fabrics are flannel, and I do not have many flannels, so I do not have many alternative options...

Backing is moda flannel which my friend gave me. I had not seen and handle moda flannel. Its quality is EXCELLENT!

I initially hoped to make outer borders in light green, but it ended up light red.

Done! This quilt size is approx. 53" x 76". It would be good for a teenage girl :)

Back. I like to use this flower pattern for quilts for a girl.

I am now relieved to see it completed!! Hope the girl who receive this quilt enjoy it for a long time :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flowers and a flower vase made with an old book

It has been a week since the new semester began. The first week was slow as usual, but it becomes busy after the second week. The information about future exams from the 3 classes I am taking were already passed.

I am taking two Psychology classes, one English, and the history of Christianity this semester. Since I am familiar with the professors of PSY and ENG, it is less stressful. I already know how they grade, whether they offer extra credits, whether they are organized, etc. I always get nervous until getting to know what kind of person the professor is. PSY prof is very friendly, and ENG is an artistic big American daddy (not referring to appearance).
The religion prof is….. unique…. I just had the first practical class of him, he is kind of disorganized. His lecture jumps around, there is no mentioning of exact years even though we are learning history. I expect this Christianity class will change my perspective to see the world, again.

In today's class, one girl brought a birthday cake for her dear friend.



Based on Japanese culture, I was anxious because this activity in Japan is not acceptable to do in a classroom during a lecture. We are not allowed to bring even coffee to a classroom – we do not have a habit to carry a coffee cup around anyway, though. So, a birthday cake? Never. Probably, good to do in café after class.

I think it depends on a professor here, so I was watching what would happen next.

The professor came in, and he did not care, most of us sang a birthday song for the birthday girl, we enjoyed eating this chocolate cake during the lecture. It was a little culture shock to me.

After the class, at the library, I found a pretty flower vase and flowers made with an old book and paper.
Annandale Campus Library







I had never thought of making a flower book with an old book. It would require patience, though. You have to fold, fold, fold, fold, and fold! :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yarn Bridge in Pittsburgh PA

My summer is gone.
It was wonderful.

I took a picture last night titled "My summer in 2013."

It started with Okra planting. If I could symbolize this summer, it will be Okra + Wine + Friends & company.

Almost three weeks ago, R and I went to Pittsburgh to visit R's mother and his siblings. His mother is 93; she looks good. She had a stroke a while ago and lost a little control of right hand, but after rehabilitation, she was eating a meal by herself. We enjoyed playing cards as usual - no one cannot beat her. She is a fighter.

One morning, R's sister's husband found this newspaper article and saved it for me.

It was about the exhibition of crocheted blanket hang on the Andy Warhol Bridge. My friend later found that these blankets are donated to an institution that supports homeless people.

Since Pittsburgh is a big city, we had a hard time finding a parking lot! – R “stopped” at non parking area sitting in the car and let me walk to the bridge instead. It was too bad the Andy Warhol museum very close to the bridge was closed on Mondays.

My Japanese crafty friends were surprised to see this event saying “America is different!” – I think so, too.