Friday, August 30, 2013

Donation Quilt - Quilt in One Day

This morning, I found this pattern through a DM from Fat Quarter Shop.

I thought this pattern is so cute and would be perfect for a donation quilt made with the fabrics that my friend gave me for donation quilts.

Since I thought this quilt would be able to be done quickly, I started to make it, though! It actually took a whole day. A problem is what I did not think about correlation of the quilt size and the fabric I have and its size! - I really thought I am stupid when I saw this BIG blocks. My brain must have been sleeping.

So, I had to change the pattern.

Fold the block in half like this and sew the side of the safety pins are placed.

Bring the seam to the center and cut the both sides.

The cut blocks look like these.

Fold the block like this and repeat the procedure 1 - 3 again. Do the same to the other block.

Result. 2 x each blocks.

I tried to make it fancy. I want to add the red somewhere.

It looks too long. The fabrics are flannel, and I do not have many flannels, so I do not have many alternative options...

Backing is moda flannel which my friend gave me. I had not seen and handle moda flannel. Its quality is EXCELLENT!

I initially hoped to make outer borders in light green, but it ended up light red.

Done! This quilt size is approx. 53" x 76". It would be good for a teenage girl :)

Back. I like to use this flower pattern for quilts for a girl.

I am now relieved to see it completed!! Hope the girl who receive this quilt enjoy it for a long time :)