Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yarn Bridge in Pittsburgh PA

My summer is gone.
It was wonderful.

I took a picture last night titled "My summer in 2013."

It started with Okra planting. If I could symbolize this summer, it will be Okra + Wine + Friends & company.

Almost three weeks ago, R and I went to Pittsburgh to visit R's mother and his siblings. His mother is 93; she looks good. She had a stroke a while ago and lost a little control of right hand, but after rehabilitation, she was eating a meal by herself. We enjoyed playing cards as usual - no one cannot beat her. She is a fighter.

One morning, R's sister's husband found this newspaper article and saved it for me.

It was about the exhibition of crocheted blanket hang on the Andy Warhol Bridge. My friend later found that these blankets are donated to an institution that supports homeless people.

Since Pittsburgh is a big city, we had a hard time finding a parking lot! – R “stopped” at non parking area sitting in the car and let me walk to the bridge instead. It was too bad the Andy Warhol museum very close to the bridge was closed on Mondays.

My Japanese crafty friends were surprised to see this event saying “America is different!” – I think so, too.