Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Wonky Quilt Top

I sometimes receive a wavy quilt top to quilt. This quilt top was so wavy as it needed to be fixed before quilting. According to my friend (customer), she bought this top at an auction of quilting group.

It is hard to see its "wonkiness" on these pictures though, the whole top was wonky. The wonkiest part, the center of the dark pink lattice, is pretty visible.

Here are the wrong side.

So, I fixed it to make it "quiltable."

It still looks a little wonky, but I am pretty much satisfied with the result of quilting :)

It was fun with a new challenge. It still needed all kinds of things for the surface to be flat when being quilted. I often patted the quilt sandwich to make wrinkles scatter, or gathered wrinkles toward applique parts.

I enjoy quilting with a regular sewing machine. If this quilt top was brought to a long arm quilter, how would the quilter do to eyewash wrinkles...?